Shopping Mall Entertainment

Titan the Robot draws a huge crowd at a shopping mall in Ankara, Turkey.

Titan’s family friendly live show works particularly well in shopping malls. Clients have always been amazed at the buzz Titan creates and literally gobsmacked by the increase in footfall he can create. Titan even has a special  Christmas show for the festive period. At this event at a shopping mall in Turkey (pictured) the client counted an incredible 38,000 people that came through the doors during one day of Titan’s shows, breaking all previous records. The event was also covered by all the major Turkish news channels.

Top: Titan the Robot causes a stir at a shopping mall in Budapest, Hungary.

Right: Record breaking crowds at Antares shopping mall, Ankara, Turkey.

Giant billboard for Titan the Robot show in Ankara, Turkey

When performing at shopping malls we try to work with the client to help publicise the event. We can post on our social media channels and link up with the client’s social media as well for an added boost for the event. Titan the Robot has over 45,500 Facebook followers, which in turn helps drive further footfall into the mall on the days when he is appearing. In the UK people have been known to drive miles and miles to bring their children to see the Titan the Robot show and we always try to liaise with the local press and organise photos for them.

Left: A huge banner featuring Titan in Turkey.