Corporate Events

Cyberstein Robots and Titan are an iconic, well-established brand that has been utilised by multi-national companies throughout the world to help market their brand in an altogether new and futuristic manner. Titan the Robot and K-na are a magnet for PR, press, TV, marketing and brand awareness and can help maximise any company’s social media exposure. 

Our robots are very adaptable and can be used for daytime marketing and promotions or night time meet & greet and corporate party entertainment. Basically, wherever you place one of our robots it will attract attention in both the real world and on social media

Top: Titan the Robot on stage in Shanghai, China.

Right: A Titan the Robot meet and greet in Poland.

Titan the Robot at a corporate event at a shopping centre in Warsaw, Poland
Titan the Robot dances on stage at a corporate event at the Oval Cricket Ground.

Over the years Titan the Robot has been used by clients at product launches, conferences, corporate parties and is very adaptable to all situations and events. All performances can be customised for the client’s needs, this includes the recording of bespoke scripts and dialogue, branding panels with your logos, photo/selfie shoots and the full unlicensed use of images and videos taken at the event.

Titan can also have branding panels added with your company’s logos and designs.

Left: Titan the Robot on stage during a corporate event at The Oval cricket ground.