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*Available for bookings September 2024*

K-na is the latest meticulously engineered robot from Cyberstein Robotics who utilises state-of-the-art breakthrough technology, engineering and creativity. Positioned at the forefront of human-robotics advancements, K-na provides a foundation for propelling upcoming robotic innovations.

K-na will bring exhibition stands to life and captivate audiences, engaging in real-time two-way conversations, while maintaining eye contact with clients. With customisable programming K-na will amplify any company’s social media presence and engagement.

After almost six years of development K-na is currently undergoing final trials and will be available for bookings in September 2024.

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Customisable programming tailored to your specific topics and phrases.

Deliver marketing messages effectively with comprehensive information about your company’s products and services.

Attract attention and distinguish your company from competitors.

Boost social media presence and interaction.

Trade shows & Exhibitions
K-na will interact with delegates in real time and act like a magnet for a clients PR, marketing and social media.

Corporate events
An entertaining way to meet and greet clients and to communicate your corporate message to clients.

Corporate Speaker
Delivering a keynote speech or interacting in real time with a moderator, to deliver killer corporate presentations.

Science and STEM Festivals

Spark the imagination of students with a unique vision into the future of technology, robotics and A.I. with K-na: The Kinetic, Neurological Android.

Speak to our experienced team to see what K-na can bring to your event.

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