Corporate Speaker

Titan the Robot has appeared at huge worldwide conventions and has always left delegates in disbelief at what they are witnessing.

At the IAB Forum in Milan (above) Titan was a guest corporate speaker with an all Italian dialogue and at the Mexico Siglo XXI in Mexico City (right) Titan introduced guests on stage including John Travolta.

Top: Titan the Robot on stage at IAB Forum, Milan, Italy.

Right: Titan the Robot on stage in Mexico city.

Titan the Robot on stage at the huge Mexico Siglo XXI show in Mexico City
K-na The Kinetic Neurological Robot, is watching you.

Looking to the future…

K-na will soon be gracing stages worldwide and she will offer cutting edge technology and all new ways to communicate to your audience.

K-na will be able to deliver pre-recorded speeches or operate live giving a whole new dimension to what we can offer an event?

Left: K-na, the future of corporate speaking.