Cyberstein Robotics have been building robots and performing on the world stage since 1998. The company got an early kick-start in 1999 when they were championed by the Millennium Dome and have not looked back since. Cyberstein are now world leaders in live robotic entertainment.

Cyberstein have performed live in over 50 countries to date, appearing at events such as the Winter Olympics and New York Fashion Week while working with clients including Will Smith, Rihanna, Ant & Dec and recently performing on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. Cyberstein have also worked with many of the biggest names in business and industry.

But this is just the beginning for Cyberstein, as K-na is launched onto the world stage Cyberstein are really looking forward to the future.

Rihanna performing with Titan the Robot at the German Echo Music Awards in Berlin.