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    International events

    Press and media go crazy for Titan the Robot on his first visit to Moscow, Russia

    Titan the Robot has performed live on the international stage, appearing in over 50 countries to date. These include countries as diverse as Iceland, Australia, Russia, China, Mexico and Japan.

    For events in Europe we would take Titan by road and for events worldwide we would airfreight the Titan out in advance. We work with an established airfreight agent who arranges door to door delivery of the equipment and deals with all the necessary paperwork including ATA carnets making the whole process very simple for you, the client.

    Top: Titan the Robot causes chaos in Berlin, Germany.

    Right: Titan the Robot receives huge media attention in a Russian market, Moscow.

    Titan the Robot at the Eid celebrations at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi.

    Looking to the future…

    Brutus is now available for international events and would be shipped in a similar way to Titan: by road in Europe and by airfreight for countries further afield. So why not be a trailblazer and be the first event to have Brutus in your territory.

    We feel sure that K-na will make light work of world travel as she is much more compact and easier to transport.

    Please contact our experienced booking staff here at Cyberstein or one of out international agents for any more information you may require.

    Left: Titan the Robot at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi.