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    Science and STEM Festivals

    Titan the Robot on stage at the Gadget Show Live with Suzi Perry, Otis Deley, Jason Bradbury and John Bentley.

    Titan the Robot can be a fantastic addition to science festivals, STEM Festivals and school science events and has been proven to appeal to children and spark their interest in science, technology and education.

    Titan has appeared at events large and small including Bradford Science Festival, the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin and in the 5,000 seat ‘Super Theatre’ at the Gadget Show Live.

    Top: Titan the Robot at the Bradford Science Festival.

    Right: Titan the Robot on stage at the Gadget Show Live.

    Titan the Robot at a BBC Radio event in the British Science Museum, London

    Looking to the future..

    K-na is being developed to become an integral part of the science and STEM festival circuit in the future. Offering everything that students are passionate about in science; robotics, artificial intelligence, programming and 3D printing. We expect that K-na will be the star attraction for the future of STEM festival education.

    Left: Titan the Robot in the British Science Museum, London.